Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stump is a weird word, anyway

Last week Jay and I were sitting in the running car, in the driveway, listening to a Christmas music cd. The boys were in the back, snoozing away, which is why we were sitting in the car, in the driveway... the ol' wait out the car nap game.

We had a clear view into the backyard, which reminded me about something I'd been meaning to ask him:

"That right there" I pointed, "Is that our tree from last year?"  --- we have a large back yard lined with woods, so yes, we just discard our old trees there.

"Yeah why, do you want me to move it back further?" he asked. Defensively, I might add.

"Jeez, no. I just...I saw this thing. Like, you cut off part of the bottom of the stump, like, you know, circular, and you write the year or whatever on it, and it's some sort of keepsake. So since we still technically have the one from last year, and last year was the first year we had all of us, we could start from there? I don't know."

You've all seen this on Pinterest, don't even pretend you haven't.

"So wait...what do you do with it?"

"You make ornaments from them if you want. Or you just hang onto them..."

"Okay, so we do this and then 30 years from now our Christmas tree will pretty much just be covered in the stumps of the trees before it? Like some sort of sick serial killer tree?"

"Yeah...I...didn't think about it that way. Let's...just...forget it."



  1. Lol! The rational and irrational balance out nicely - you two are made for each other! :)

  2. DON'T want me to hack off a section of the trunk?


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