Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wreath Redo

I don't remember where we got this, but we've had it since we were married, and it's just kind of been filler on walls wherever we've lived.  Hallway, bathroom, etc.  Not really my style, though.

There actually used to be two little yellow birds in the lower left corner as well...but Jack ripped them off one day.

I decided to finish the job.

Then I spent a couple of nights making a buttload of felt flowers, and turned it into this:

Sometimes I admittedly have a hard time following the "less is more" mantra, but I think I did alright this time.


  1. The item in question was made by a person of whom we no longer speak about...or wish to know. She made two of those items and I purchased one for you and Jay, with the two birds sitting together to represent the two of you when you got married, and one for Jess and Vince. It's quite alright you have re-done it. I would rather not see anything that Peggy Bundy look-alike

  2. Ooooh yeah, that's right! Heh. Then I feel even less bad about ripping all that stuff off it it!


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